Mr Mhlongo

"Mr Mhlongo was the first patient at the Durban Eye Hospital.  He was a man of few words, and spoke very little English.  He said that the Durban Eye Hospital looked after him very well ‘patha kahle’ and that everything was ‘kuhle kakhulu’.  In his broken English, he said that everyone around him had smiley faces and that he liked that about this hospital."

Mrs Govender

"Grateful to Dr Moosa and the staff at the Durban Eye Hospital, who did a top job.  I want to thank him for giving my sight back.  The hospitality and caring in this hospital was great and I haven’t been to a hospital like this before.  I am very grateful for all that everyone did for me."

Mrs Prithi

"I’ve never seen a hospital like this with people who had love and was caring and kept buzzing in to check on me all the time. Everyone was polite, and I was well looked after and well fed… The joy of this hospital took my sickness away."

Mrs Mushi

"I would like to thank Dr Moosa for his kindness.  It’s because of him that I can from darkness to light.  I never thought I would see again but now I will be able to drive, read and go swimming.  Thanks to all the medical staff, managers, cooks etc… All had smiles on their faces and speak to with warmth and kindness."