What is Lasik?

Lasik is a form of laser eye surgery, whereby a thin corneal flap is created and the laser is applied to the exposed corneal bed.

A synopsis of how Lasik is done:

Local anesthetic drops are used to numb the eye. An eyelid separator, namely a speculum is used to keep the eye open and a thin corneal flap is created. This is then gently lifted, and the laser is applied to the cornea, thus reshaping it. The corneal flap is then replaced. Thereafter, antibiotic drops are inserted into the eyes, before clear plastic shields are placed over, to protect them. Dr Moosa will remove the eye shields are your follow up appointment that afternoon.

Am I a Candidate?

Lasik can be performed on most individuals with the following:

  • Over 18 years of age
  • Have a stable prescription for more than one year i.e. no change in your eye sight
  • In good physical health i.e. no uncontrolled diabetes etc.
  • If you are being prescribed any medication, please advise Dr Moosa, especially acne and heart medication
  • Not pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Having an appropriate corneal thickness and shape, as well as pupil size – all which will be determined in your initial consultation with Dr Moosa.

Patient Information… Things you should know

Prior to Lasik surgery, there are certain things you should be aware of…

  1. During your consultation you will be informed of the number of days prior to surgery where it is not permissible to wear your lenses (usually 3 days). Please adhere strictly to this no contact rule.
  2. Eating or drinking on the day of the procedure is permitted, however, no make-up, perfumes, creams, eyeliners etc. should be applied to the face.
  3. You will be required to sign indemnity forms prior to the surgery
  4. It is perfectly normal to be nervous before a procedure. You will be given a Valium to take just before by the Durban Eye & Laser Clinic to assist with this.
  5. During the procedure you will be on your back, so it is normal to see a number of blurry lights above you. The aim is to try and focus on the blinking green light. Dr Moosa will update you throughout the process.
  6. Post procedure, antibiotic drops will be placed in your eyes, covered by an eye patch. We suggest you go home and sleep for the next few hours, allowing your eyes to rest.
  7. You will need someone to transport you to the follow up appointment that afternoon – please make the necessary arrangements prior to procedure.
  8. Over the next few days, you may experience dry eyes, burning and light sensitivity once the patch has been removed. This is nothing to be alarmed about. You will be prescribed with eye drops to lubricate the eye. It is imperative that you do not rub your eyes. If you are concerned about rubbing your eyes in your sleep, please wear an eye patch at night.

After 2-3 days, you are able to resume most of your normal daily activities – watching TV, driving, working etc. Make up is prohibited for 7 days. Please do not swim, use Jacuzzis or hot spas etc for a week, to avoid any unnecessary complications.