The Durban Eye & Laser Clinic was founded in 2000 when Dr Farouk Moosa embarked on a unique venture to create the first, individually owned, private eye laser clinic in KwaZulu-Natal, dedicated solely to providing optimum care for those with ocular disorders.

After securing a central venue in Durban, acquiring the most qualified staff to assist him, and purchasing a state of the art laser machine, the Durban Eye & Laser Clinic was officially opened to the public in 2000, by the then Minister of Health, Dr Zweli Mkezi.

In 2012, Dr Moosa pushed the boundaries further, by purchasing a state-of-the-art German machine, the Schwind Amaris 750S. This innovative technology remains the only of its kind in KwaZulu-Natal, allowing for the Durban Eye & Laser Clinic to offer unique, efficient treatment for both near and far sightedness, with a procedure time 50% faster than any other machine. In addition it’s the only machine in KZN that can treat far sightedness i.e. correct your reading prescription, and thereby allowing one to throw their reading glasses away.